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Pineapple Highly Appropriate

Brewed with oats, pineapple, and milk sugar for a tinge of sweetness, and lusciously hopped with the fruit-forward powerhouse duo of Mosaic® and Azacca®, this hazy IPA has tons of tropical flavor that swirls around your mouth. Think tropical gummy bears and assorted fruit snacks with the right amount of hop bitterness for balance. We’re pretty jazzed with this version and have plans to make this a staple in the “Highly Appropriate” series.

Fer Sher DIPA

Brewed with a ton of oats to give it a super cloud-like mouth feel and a little bit of rye for some spicy sass (because it’s our Head Brewer’s favorite malt), and then verrrrry generously hopped it not just once, but TWICE with Mosaic, Citra & Cashmere. Notes of banana cream, papaya, pineapple whip, blueberry preserves, Fruit Stripe gum, and tangerine peel shine through in this one.

COVET: Sugar Plum Sour Ale

Fun and whimsical, yet deeply, seductive and desired, COVET is designed to be the fruited sour series that you yearn to possess. Brewed with wheat, oats, and a bit of milk sugar for a tiny tinge of sweetness to temper the tartness, we then conditioned the beer on a luxurious amount of sweet plum puree, giving way to an unbridled explosion of complex, juicy plum flavors.

Berry Beloved Raspberry Chocolate Milk Stout

Berry Beloved Milk Stout with Raspberry, Chocolate & Vanilla 8.0% ABV Luxuriously thick, sinfully decadent, and with the right amount of sweetness to evoke dreamy, delicious lustful desires, but in perfect balance with the deeply rich dark chocolate and roasty malts. We did an extra long boil on this beer to make sure that we really achieved that beautiful balance. (contains milk sugar)

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